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Building cost

Drafting of STS (Special Technical Specifications), foreach construction set. ECMO Engineering use DEVISOC software for the drafting, the overview and the hierarchy of the STS.
The decomposition into simple works offers :

  • A greater understanding of each construction set and their specific localization.
  • A pagination and paragraph numbering up to date.
  • A better scope management between the sets.
Analysis of tender (ACT) : delivery of a complete report to the project manager following the rating criteria.

Scheduling, Steering & Co-coordinating (OPC)

  • Detailed work plan and time schedule (as Gantt chart).
  • ALL schedule defined by ECMO Engineering have series of interdependent tasks that need to be performed in a particular order : it's easier to add or remove tasks, set or adjust the duration of tasks.
  • The splitting of tasks into sub-tasks in order to creating a task hierarchy is an compromise between a detailed project plan and a quick overview of the project
At the end of the project, ECMO Engineering will define a process of micro-planning on all finishing works. The step on each planning will be around the day.

Project management

  • Technical review
  • Kick-off meeting, follow-up meeting
  • Sending the meeting report within 48h.
  • Financial monitoring of the company.
  • GANTT Planning